Turkey is trying to dissolve and integrate the armed factions to evade its responsibility for the violations committed by pro-Turkish opposition factions

Ugarit Post – Special sources told the Ugarit Post network that the Turkish intelligence service met this week with a number of leaders of the pro-Turkish opposition factions, in order to persuade the factions to dissolve themselves and integrate into a new military entity.
According to the sources, the meeting was held at 10:00 on June 5, 2021 in the building of the governor of Afrin.
The meeting was attended by the leaders of the opposition factions affiliated with the “Syrian National Army”: Saif Abu Bakr, commander of the Hamzat Division, Salim Idris, chief of staff of the Syrian National Army, Abu Amsha, commander of the Sultan Suleiman Shah Brigade, Hussein Khairy, commander of the Suqur al-Shamal faction, Ahmad Hassan Fayyad, commander of Ahrar al-Sharqiya, Thaer Marouf, commander of the Samarkand Brigade, Yasser Abd al-Rahim, commander of the Majd Corps, Mahmoud Baz, commander of the Malak Shah Division, Fahim Issa, commander of the Sultan Murad Division, Abu Ahmed Nour, commander of the Levant Front, Mu’tasim Abbas, commander of the al-Mu’tasim Division, in addition to officers from Turkish army.
The meeting dealt with the mechanisms of forming a new military entity that includes the armed factions deployed in Afrin.
The sources stated that the Turkish intelligence asked Ahrar al-Sharqiya faction, the Hamzat Division and the Sultan Murad Division to dissolve themselves and join the new military structure.
Observers believe that the Turkish authorities are seeking to shirk their responsibilities for the crimes and violations committed by pro-turkey armed in the areas under the control of these factions, especially in Afrin.

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