Dr. Moheeb Salha: The Daraa scenario may be repeated soon in As-Suwayda.. The authority is behind the chaos of weapons and security chaos

Ugarit Post - high tension prevails in the As-Suwayda Governorate, southern Syria, caused by the clash of local factions with local armed groups as well.

During an exclusive interview with Syrian writer and academic Dr. Moheeb Salha, the Ugarit Post network raised many questions about the reasons for the tense security situation in As-Suwayda Governorate, and whether the recent clashes between local groups will lead to family and regional fighting.

What are the reasons of the tense security situation in As-Suwayda Governorate?

The main reason is the chaos of weapons and security chaos. The security services are behind all this chaos. Therefore, any security event that takes place in As-Suwayda falls on the shoulders of the armed groups that carry security cards and are protected from the “authority” and move freely within the governorate.

Do recent clashes between local groups opposed to the government and those who support it, may lead to family and regional fighting?

The external look of the recent clashes in As-Suwayda appears to be between loyalists and opponents of the government, but these groups belong to one party.

As-Suwayda Governorate is not considered an opposition governorate, but rather a supportive governorate, and there are no groups that have a religious ideology, except for the Men of Dignity Movement, which launched the slogan “land and honor” within a very narrow sectarian framework to defend the Druze sect.

All the security tension that took place in the previous period between two groups, namely, the Raji Falhout group and the anti-terrorism group, and the men of dignity entering into the clash because of a personal dispute that was part of internal operations and disputes based on kidnapping and murder only

Is it possible to repeat the scenario of Daraa in As-Suwayda by using force to subdue the local factions?

As-Suwayda governorate is considered part of the so-called de-escalation zone in the southern region and it is adjacent to Daraa governorate. Therefore, it is not excluded that the scenario of Daraa in As-Suwayda will be repeated through the intersection of Russian and American interests alongside Israel as well within an agreed-upon road map . If they refuses, the government forces will launch a military operation to compel these groups to accept.

What are the models and solutions that can end the tension in As-Suwayda?

The local community in As-Suwayda, with its sheikhs, intellectuals and civil society organizations, are demanding an end to the state of security chaos in the province by taking government institutions into their role and carrying out their duties in accordance with the law, as all military, security and service institutions have been present in As-Suwayda during the past years, so the popular demands in As-Suwayda are based on a return Government institutions until a comprehensive political solution is found in Syri

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