Saleh Al-Nabwani: Russia has the upper hand in southern Syria… and there are signs to re-impose government control over As-Suwayda

During an exclusive interview with a member of the Executive Office of the National Conference for the Restoration of Sovereignty and Decision, Saleh Al-Nabwani, the Ugarit Post network raised many questions about the possibility of moving compromise and reconciliations to As-Suwayda Governorate after its completion in Daraa, and whether the government could accept something similar to autonomy or local administration of As-Suwayda within the framework of compromise operations.

Will the compromises and reconciliations soon be transferred to As-Suwayda Governorate after its completion in Daraa?

There are indications that there is a forthcoming preparation to impose governmental security control over the province of As-Suwayda, and therefore there is a desire to restore control, which will lead to stopping or at least limiting looting, drug trafficking and assassinations.

Will the local armed groups in As-Suwayda submit to the terms of the compromise, including the delivery of weapons?

Frankly, all armed groups in As-Suwayda Governorate, without exception, are directly or indirectly affiliated with the government. The situation in As-Suwayda is completely different from Daraa. The armed groups in As-Suwayda are two parts. The first is directly linked to the security services, as it is behind the looting, kidnapping and drug trade. The other section is What can be called the popular group based on coordination also with the government security services, but it aims to protect the land and had a major role in fighting ISIS and never used arms in the face of the government.. With regard to the delivery of weapons, there will be a full commitment from the groups affiliated with the security services for sure. However, the second section of the armed groups in As-Suwayda may not succumb to orders or decisions in this regard.

Will the compromise, if it occurs, be under Russian auspices, as happened in Daraa?

Russia has the final and supreme word in As-Suwayda and other regions, and there may be competition at times from Iran and its proxy Hezbollah.. But the important thing here for us as the people of As-Suwayda Governorate is restoring security and stability, especially eliminating kidnappings, killings and drug trafficking.

Is it possible for the government to accept something similar to autonomy or the local administration of As-Suwayda within the framework of compromise processes?

The matter is not raised at all in As-Suwayda and it does not enjoy a popular incubator in As-Suwayda.. The people of As-Suwayda adhere to the Syrian national identity, regardless of whether they are opponents, supporters or even neutrals.

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