Muhannad Deliqan: It is not required to produce a new body for the opposition in the Doha “symposium”… Our information confirms the absence of sponsoring countries

Ugarit Post Network, during an exclusive meeting with a member of the Moscow Forum for the Syrian opposition and its representative in the Constitutional Committee and the Negotiating Committee, Muhannad Deliqan, raised many questions about the Syrian opposition's intention to produce new political bodies and programs by holding a conference in the Qatari capital.

Is holding a symposium for the Syrian opposition in the Qatari capital aimed at producing new political bodies and platforms?

We do not believe that the goal (of this symposium) is to produce new bodies for the opposition, and we do not believe that what is required in the first place is the production of new bodies. According to our information, the topic is a seminar, as you mentioned in your question, and not a conference. That is, it is a space for dialogue between the Syrian opposition within the framework of assessing what happened and what can be done.

Will the upcoming political movement led by the dissident Syrian Prime Minister Riad Hijab be an alternative to the opposition coalition?

If the talk is about a symposium for discussion and dialogue between people belonging to various forces and between them what they agree on and what they disagree on, then this cannot be done in the presence of the dialogue leader, but it is possible to talk about facilitators of dialogue and those taking initiatives in it, not leadership.

Is the new project sponsored by Turkey and Qatar able to unite with the Moscow and Cairo platform, or partner with the Syrian Democratic Council?

Our information from the initiators of the call, who are Syrians, is that no country sponsors this symposium. We are not with the idea of any party uniting with another, but the idea of everyone’s participation tacitly, the SDC, is fundamental, and their exclusion during the last period has been an essential part of the opposition’s problems, so their participation is certainly welcome by us.

Did the inability of the Syrian opposition to break the political stalemate in the country prompt Doha and Ankara to hold this conference, or are there other intentions? Are Turkey and Qatar seeking to produce a new opposition body acceptable to Russia and the Syrian government?

We are not aware of the intentions. What we know is the apparent meaning of things and the text of the invitation does not refer to the sponsoring nations, but our assessment is that the initiators seek to throw a stone into the stagnant pond after the apparent stubbornness in the work of the opposition. , and this in itself is good if the conditions for its achievement are met. The first is to expand the circle of participants, freedom of discussion, and not to pre-empt matters or to repeat the diseases of extremism, domination, exclusivity and exclusion.



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