Dr. Samira Al-Mobayed: The escalation in the north is to “implement the agreements”… and 2022 may carry a tendency to activate the political solution

The northern Syrian regions are witnessing a major military escalation by the Russian forces in the "de-escalation", which is offset by a Turkish escalation in the northeastern regions of the country, amid opinions that this military escalation may be "a prelude to new military operations in northern Syria," while others see it as “Pressures” to implement previous agreements.

In this context, the “Ugarit Post” news network contacted Dr. Samira Al-Mobayed, a member of the Syrian Constitutional Committee in the “civil society” category, and the discussion focused on the reasons for the military escalation in the north.

How do you read the escalation of violence by the Russian and Syrian government forces on the “de-escalation” zones?

I think that the escalation of military operations in the de-escalation zones reflects the failure to implement the political agreements between the parties involved in the conflict, especially with regard to the armed formations in northwest Syria, which were the focus of negotiations between Russia and Turkey throughout the previous Astana rounds.

Do the Russian air strikes on Idlib reveal its inability to carry out a large-scale military operation there, or vice versa?

I don’t think there is a general tendency for large-scale military operations, as millions of Syrian civilians live in the area. Rather, it seems that the matter is heading towards military pressure to implement the concluded political agreements.

Can the violence be linked to the “de-escalation” zones to what is happening in the east of the Euphrates, or to the existence of new understandings between Russia and Turkey?

The overall military context in northern Syria refers to attempts to adopt exits as a result of the impossibility of the political process, and we can describe the matter only as drawing the limits of the influence of military forces on the ground and the new understandings that are reflected in this on the political level.

Do you think that during 2022 there will be new military operations in Syria?

I think that the year 2022 may carry a trend towards adopting and activating the path of a political solution after neutralizing the obstacles and neutralizing the negative impact of the armed conflict and its effectiveness on the political process and working to lay solid foundations for that. The path of political transition, which requires starting with the interests of the Syrians and their active participation in the development and implementation of the road map..

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