Parween Ibrahim: We are present whether the government accepts us or refuse us.. We seek a national solution that breathes from the single Syrian lung

UGARIT POST - In a precedent, the first of its kind, the Syrian capital witnessed last Saturday in Damascus the convening of the Syrian-Syrian National Dialogue Conference, in the presence of hundreds of opposition figures inside Syria, which represented a large number of parties

During an exclusive interview with Parween Ibrahim, Secretary-General of the Youth Party for development and Change, the Ugarit Post network raised many questions about the purpose of holding the conference.

What is the purpose of holding the conference and how did the government facilitate it?

The issue is not about the conference itself, but about the necessities of the Syrian-Syrian dialogue, and with the participation of all parties to the national division in the political opposition, the authority and civil society, in order to reach a consensual internal road map that presents visions and portals of solutions to all the files of the

The government is not the decision maker with regard to the political activities of the licensed parties, according to the Syrian Parties Law. As licensed parties, we do not take approval or instructions from the government to work. The conference was held based on the consensus of the participating licensed parties and in agreement with other Syrian political forces.

What are the goals that the conference seeks to achieve during the coming period?

We seek, through all our activities, to produce a participatory homeland capable of overcoming the suffering of the Syrians through its own capabilities. There is no longer any opportunity or opportunity for the current situation to continue and aggravate in light of clear governmental inertia in drawing up solutions and implementing them, and there is no way to do that except through The Syrian parties collectively agree through their representatives and start immediate work to build a state of law that can address all that we suffer in Syria.

Is the non-participation of government representatives in the conference an indication of the government’s refusal to dialogue with the internal opposition?

We are present whether the government accepts us or rejects us, and our presence will intensify more in the future, and the reason is the government’s absence from the corridors of solutions.

Are there contacts with the external opposition as part of efforts to unify the ranks of the internal and external opposition?

Attitudes have changed with the change of days, and what matters to us is national consensus on solutions. We are with any opposition party, internal or external, that agrees with us on the solutions that the Syrian crisis files need. We seek a Syrian-Syrian solution that breathes from one Syrian lung and builds Syria,  under a consensual, secular, civilized constitution that achieves a decent life for all Syrians.


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