Mays Kreidi: An Arab awakening in restoring relations with Syria…The government’s negotiation with some opposition groups is useless

Ugarit post: Discussions and speculations have begun to talk about the horizon of relations between Syria and its Arab surroundings, in light of the visit of UAE Foreign Minister Abdullah bin Zayed to Damascus, Some considered it to be the start of the train of Arab normalization with the Syrian government.

During an exclusive interview with the Syrian writer and researcher, Mays Kreidi, the Ugarit Post network raised many questions about the ability of Arab countries, through restoring their relations with Syria, to end the crisis in the country.

Will the Arab openness to Syria lead to the easing of US and European sanctions on Damascus?

Officially, lifting the US and European sanctions on Syria will not exceed the facilities related to humanitarian issues, as the sanctions are unfair and target the Syrian people. Therefore, the mitigation will be in the field of health and what is related to humanitarian issues only. However, the recent Arab openness to Syria can ease the tyranny of these sanctions and help in “releasing” the siege on some places.

Will Qatar obstruct Arab normalization with the Syrian government and prevent its return to the Arab League?

I think that Qatar is part of an international axis through which certain orders are implemented. Doha does not have the diplomatic ability to stop the restoration of Arab relations with Syria. But the indicators indicate that the Arab moves towards Syria are contrary to what the State of Qatar wants, as there is a general feeling among the Arab countries in general and the Gulf in particular about the danger and threats that surround them.

Ending Iranian influence is the declared goal of restoring Arab relations.. Are there other goals?

Ending Iranian influence in Syria in return for restoring Arab relations is a rhetoric that some Gulf countries use to save their face in front of those who criticized them when they stood against Syria during the past years. Therefore, I do not think that the Syrian government can be pushed to negotiate in this direction. Because the relationship between Syria and Iran is strategic.

Can the Arab countries that have restored relations with Syria open channels of communication with the Autonomous Administration and the opposition?

These channels were previously open, as most of the opposition groups are funded and supported by the Gulf countries. In my opinion, the opposition, with its different names, no longer has an impact on the ground, except for the SDF supported by the United States, so it is not necessary to negotiate with them, which will have absolutely no effect. Most of them play intelligence roles with the sponsoring countries, and they have nothing to do when talking about a major settlement between the active countries in Syria.






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